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Team Building @Work

Be an excellent facilitator!

Be an excellent facilitator. Facilitation is an important leadership skill that you must master as a leader. You can readily get an outside facilitator for your team building workshops, but you cannot stay in the sidelines. The primary role for facilitation is yours, not from outsiders.

Facilitation is a process that corporate trainers, meeting leaders, and team builders use to add help your team learn new information, process, and structure to accomplish individual and team purposes.

Facilitation is provided by a person, called a facilitator, who guides you to achieve your objectives. As a leader, you play the roles of a leader, trainer, speaker, decision-maker, and facilitator.

To improve your facilitation skills, you must enhance your skills in presenting content ... (Continue reading)

Team Works
Team Works provides CEO's, Team Leaders, and team building facilitators practical ideas on how to run effective team building experiences -- and what facilitators can do to multiply the impact of ever experience.


Facilitate to define team goals.

Help teams define their goals. In many team building workshops that I have handled, I realised that 80 percent of teams — and most team members — do not fully ... (Continue reading)

Team Tips

Why Conduct Team Building

Why You Need to Constantly Build Your Team — And How to Do Team Building Workshops That Bring Results

Teamwork is not natural to most of us. In a ... (Continue reading)