filipino facilitator
A team building facilitator is a professional who creates opportunities for your team to learn and apply effective team principles and best team practices. These may involve designing team building exercises, developing resource materials, engaging the team throughout the exercises, and leading debrief discussions.

A team building facilitator may at times play as a motivator and inspirer. At other times, he challenges limiting team beliefs.

Team building facilitators do not act like teachers and trainers. They are most effective when they keep the participants at the center stage. Team building facilitators who love to hear their voices and tell their sob stories do not facilitate, they obfuscate.

Team building exercises are for and about the team. Those who think that they are successful when they make you cry are clueless.

You should choose facilitators who have led teams. Find out also if they fully understand team dynamics, the stages of teams, team competencies and attitudes, experiential learning, and adult learning. You must also ask for the results they can promise to deliver. When they give you motherhood statements, do not waste time and money.

Jef Menguin