Build teams that thrive in any crisis.

Do not fall into the trap. Never buy team building packages that do not build teams.

Parlor games do not build teams. Outdoor games without clear purposes make us panic like headless chickens.

Be a wise manager. Wise managers want to improved team performance.

We help them think differently and play bigger.

Collaborate to grow great teams through culture shaping, team skills building, and behavior-changing.

Use interactive play and games to encourage authentic conversations between members, stimulate insights, and move people to action.

Hold online workshops for teams. Use collaborative, creative, and appreciative games to switch attitudes and learn new behaviors.

Build teams that thrive in any crisis.

The Bad News

We cannot bounce back to the old normal.

Many team-building events in the Philippines waste time, money, energy, and opportunities. 

Many managers insist on building teams the wrong way.  To them, team building events are nothing but artificial and often meaningless competitions where teams fight each other.

If you are here because you are looking for team building providers who can provide you packages of team building games and activities, you cannot find packages here. 

But please stay some minutes more.

I will tell you why most team building initiatives in the Philippines did not work. You will know what to do during these tough times.

Many games use in traditional team building are ineffective in building teams.

Think about this.

Companies today want their employees to communicate better, to cooperate and collaborate more, to work well in teams, to share best practices, to respect each other, and to commit to achieving success together.

It is absolute nonsense to send employees on team building events to forget about work and compete against each other.

How can you make them collaborate at work when you make them play games that teach them to beat each other no matter what?

How can a team-building event work when winners poke fun at losers — and where losers accused winners of cheating — or question facilitators neutrality or clarity of instruction?

Would you tolerate cheating/ blaming culture in your organization?

One can argue that in smaller teams, members learn how to strategize and find ways to win — against other teams.

That is precisely the problem. Infighting WILL NOT make all your small teams united under one company.

The old way focuses on silly games, not on goals.

Members remember how other teams cheated.

Members remember how one of their team members made them lose.

Members remember that teamwork is not enough to win games because even losing teams had shown teamwork.

Members forget the purpose of your paying facilitators so you can build teams.

I daresay that one important objective of team building is for all members to realize that ALL of them, without exception, have opportunities to win at work together.

We can bounce forward.

The Good News

We can bounce forward and make our teams thrive in the new normal.

We can reinvent our future. We choose to bounce forward and thrive. Instead of wishing the old normal comes back soon, let us learn from our experience.

Opportunities are visible.

Use technology to build teams the right way. Enroll your team in online courses, online coaching, and virtual workshops.

We offer you these opportunities. We want to help you grow your team stronger amidst the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

Yes, we will still play games soon. We need physical games once in a while. But we’ll play games that help us collaborate, communicate, and win as one.

You can offer virtual workshops to your team members. But don’t just play silly games. Respect adult learners and play games like adults. Purpose play is powerful.

Consult us.