What You Ought to Know About Team Building


A team is a group of people who are mutually dependent on one another to achieve a common goal.

An effective team function well together.

To achieve this, each team member must be able to achieve both personal and team goals. This ensures commitment and accountability. Team members must develop mutual respect and keep open and honest communication.

And more importantly, there is synergy. Each member of the team can produce more when they work together than when they work separate and independent of each other.


Team building is a collective term for learning exercises used to enhance the capacity of team members to achieve team objectives and goals.

Basic team building exercises aim to define goals, clarify roles, encourage open and honest communication between members, establish decision-making process, and promote effective working relationships.

In team-based organizations, team building is a component of team development strategy.


Team building facilitator help team members understand their common objectives. they guide teams in planning how to achieve those objectives. In this sense, team building facilitators are “neutral” and do not take particular position in discussion.

Professional team building facilitators have deep understanding of team dynamics and processes. The offer tools that teams can use to develop strategies and to execute plans.

Professional team building facilitators personalize experiences in enabling teams to achieve goals.

Excellent facilitators can help participants simplify complex problems.

Some facilitators are subject matter experts, trainers, and speakers too. However, when facilitating team building exercises, the facilitator’s primary role is not to inject knowledge or develop new skills but to guide team members so they can solve their challenges.

Not everyone who offers team building programs are facilitators. Some are events organizers, game masters, and training vendors. It is very important that you get the right persons who can help you build your teams.


They are professional team building facilitators who work with organizations, both private and public, to develop high impact teams.

Some are experts in facilitating outdoor, adventure type team building programs. They design and run competency-based programs which are fun-filled, goal-oriented, friendly, and safe. They facilitate small groups of twenty to corporate-wide sales rallies of 800 people.

Some facilitators are experts in facilitating executive retreats. We combine indoor and outdoor activities for executive retreats. Companies usually have executive retreats for strategic planning, change management, culture building, creativity and innovation sessions, and team leadership.

Jef Menguin heads this group of professional team building facilitators in the Philippines.

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