10x Your Teams

Many managers have the mistaken belief that team building means a yearly offsite of playing game packages. It is not all their fault. Many team-building providers sold the idea that play works. Wrong. You have been short-changed. Having fun is great. Playing like kids once again brings happy memories. Playing makes us learn more about …

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Care for People

People give their commitment to those who care for them. Remember that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. They understand that whatever you want them to do will benefit them. This is why they are engaged. This is why they go beyond job descriptions.

Facilitators in Laguna

Our team building facilitators in Laguna are known for their creative and unique team building programs.

They are also in high demand as team building speakers and workplace learning designers for leadership and team development.

Facilitators in Metro Manila

We have professional team building facilitators in Manila who serve companies in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

These facilitators have undergone training in team building facilitation and learning experience design. We provide indoor and outdoor activities.

Five Star Teamwork

In this team building workshop, your team will be given opportunities to develop the Five Commitments of Great Teams.

Every member of the team must join this team building program. Members of newly created teams will benefit most.

Purpose-Driven Teams

Effective teams need to know why they exist and what they contribute to the organization and its customers.

Team members need to know what is expected of them so they can formulate goals and meet those expectations.

Apprenticeship Program for Team Facilitators

Professionals who are interested to learn how to become a team building facilitator — and earn while learning – may grab this opportunity. Jef Menguin is opening the Team Facilitator Apprenticeship Program. Corporate trainers, HR professionals, speakers, teachers and any professional passionate about building people may apply. To learn more, go to this page.

Focus on Results

As a team leader, your first assignment is to get your team to have an honest look at itself. Help your team make accurate assessments of its actions and structure. Understand that your team is a perfect fit for its current structure and performance of its members. People preoccupied about their daily businesses become blind …

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Get Team Commitment

Building a team starts with team commitment. You need to get the commitment of the team leader, the members, and other stakeholders. Many team-building exercises fail because the people involved are not committed to their tasks and to each other. 1. When you decide to hold your team building workshop, begin with a contract or …

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