Care for People

You can build a high impact team if you care enough for them. As a team leader, your success is measured by the success of your team.

Many managers are task-oriented. They believe that the only way for the team to succeed is to get everyone moving.

Get things done. That’s their mission. This is easy if you are working on things that you can do by yourself. But leading a team is not like making machines work.

Teams are people. People have different values and aspirations. They’ll assert who they are. They will comply with your orders when not doing so will risk their jobs. But only to some extent.

A compliant team will find it difficult to become a high performing team. That’s because they play safe. That’s because they are not committed.

People give their commitment to those who care for them. Remember that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. They understand that whatever you want them to do will benefit them. This is why they are engaged. This is why they go beyond job descriptions. This is why to give extraordinary efforts.

I have been sharing these to team leaders and any team building facilitator must keep this in mind. Commitment begins with caring. So it is to your best interest to show people that you care.

Jef Menguin

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