Communication for Virtual Teams

This virtual workshop will help your team strengthen team communication and improve work processes.

Communication affects the team’s performance, morale, and work enjoyment levels.

Effective communication improves team cohesion. Members of cohesive teams are cooperative and effective in achieving their goals.

Often circumstances change over time, but an organization’s work processes do not keep pace. The challenges teams are now facing because of the Covid-19 pandemic is unexpected.

The virtual workshops will provide members of your team opportunities to explore how they might improve communication processes.


  • Strengthen team communication
  • Improve work processes.


  • Build more cohesive teams.
  • Improve team performance.
  • Encourage commitments to a new course of action

There are four virtual workshops. Each workshop runs for about two hours. We can hold a workshop once a week.

Finding Our Connections

  • Get to know others and find similarities and develop connections of strengths
  • Create a visual representation of known and unknown connections

Strengthen Communication

  • Examine how the team members communicate with each other.
  • Pick what communication patterns work.
  • Provide ways to improve communication

Valuing Feedback

  • Explore existing feedback patterns
  • Practice giving feedback
  • Agree on the feedback mechanism

 Team Commitments

  • Agree on new team behaviors
  •  Declare individual commitments
  •  Promote team commitments

I provide handouts, worksheets, and handouts. 

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