Covid-19 Pivot

Summer and the team-building season are gone. But there is next year. And if Covid-19 is not yet gone, there is still another year. As long as we are safe, healthy, and fully alive we can build teams for years to come.

But today, we have to find opportunities most of us ignored before the pandemic.

Hello, I am Jef Menguin, the owner of this website – I am also the President of Business Innovation Talent Development that consults for organizations that believe in high-impact team building.

Team building, to be truly effective, must make teams succeed.

Team building is about goals, not games. Team building makes members develop the attitude and ability to get work done with others. It must help them build harmonious relationships. It must help them reach their desired destination.

With this in mind, we can build teams wherever we are. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, we have to be more mindful of our teams. It is now, more than ever, that we need to stay intact.

This is why we pivot.

Most of what we can do now, we should have done before. But that’s okay. We are already here. The Covid-19 crisis helped us see opportunities.

Since many of our team members work from home — and even those who go to work aren’t allowed to congregate, we must find ways. We can help you build your virtual teams.

Team building facilitation is platform agnostic. We can help you build teams in virtual platforms.

I can see three opportunities and we can eventually find more. Collaboration is key to success.

First, you can offer virtual team workshops. Virtual workshops aren’t webinars, although we use a webinar platform. Instead of passively watching presenters, your team members get their hands dirty.

Virtually, of course.

This means that you get to address the most important concerns of your team members. They get to participate in discussions. They’ll submit outputs. We do this regularly until the outcome you expect happens.

Second, we can hold online mentoring and coaching.

Team leadership is more difficult these days. Everyone needs support.

The effect of Covid-19 is heavy on our mental health. Most online meetings overwhelm our employees because those were not about them. We’ve got to focus on them. A team-building facilitator can help.

In the coming days, I will gather once again a group of team building facilitators who can be online coaches. Not all facilitators can coach and mentor. And not everyone who markets himself as a life coach can coach teams. You know that already. Forgive me for stating the obvious. I will ensure that you get a coach who has the ability and attitude of a team coach.

Third, you can offer your team members online courses. I am going to offer this on I will start posting courses on August 15, 2020.

It could be earlier. I should have done this many years ago. But I was too busy doing live workshops — and like most people, I was not ready for the pandemic.

We ought to do what we can do now.

We pivot.

Let us do it together.

Jef Menguin