Five Star Teamwork

Tough teams with five-star teamwork thrive. Team-based organizations have recognized the multiplier effects of high impact teams.

Organizations create various kinds of teams. They have service teams, management teams, task forces, quality-assurance teams, self-directed work teams, product-development teams, project management teams, et cetera.

Organizations harness the power of teams.

There are ugly teams, good teams, effective teams, and great teams.

What separates these teams from each other is teamwork.


Your team will work on the five commitments of five-star teams. We will devote about two hours for each commitment once a week for five consecutive weeks.

Doing so allows team members to digest each session. The session is interactive. We send to participants worksheets and resources materials before the conduct of each virtual workshop

Five Virtual Workshops

Commitment to Each Other

How do the members of that team behave? How do they interact with each other? What kinds of things do they say? What do they believe?

We Filipinos value malasakit. We believe that great teams have members who care for each other. That we are not on this alone.

We seldom get into this kind of team. But we know that commitment to each other transform a good team into a better team, a better team into a great team.

Commitment to the Mission

We have an inherent need for purpose, for meaning, and for direction. Team members get things done when they know that tasks they need to accomplish serve a meaningful purpose.

To become successful, we need targets to shoot at, roadmaps to follow, guidelines to keep on track, and a vision to realize.

Five-star teams have mission-oriented members.

They are clear about their goals, they fully trust that other members are accountable to their results, and they align their individual actions to the achievement of their mission.

For members of great teams, the mission is more than something merely to abide by, it’s the embodiment of their personal values – it’s something to believe in … and something to live by.

Commitment to the Customer

You are in business because you provide solve the problems of your customers. You provide high-quality products and services.

Creating remarkable customer experiences requires a team effort.

Wow! is not just a mantra for great teams. 

Wow! is a lifestyle.

This is why for great teams, delighting customers is everything. They live it. They breathe wow! They are grateful for the opportunity to serve customers.

Commitment to Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Employees put in a high-pressure environment require constant interactions. Conflict comes with pressure.

Employees are human. They are emotional by nature. They get cranky. They have ideas and personalities that clash with each other.

Conflict is inevitable. Great teams know this.

In fact, great teams experience more conflict than any other team. 

Because the higher “the bar” – and more intense the zeal – the greater the potential for friction.

Passionate, action-oriented people are more likely to step on proverbial toes. As a result, team members experience their share of tension.

Ironically, however, the same combination of passion and commitment that produces occasional spats is also what provides the motivation to address issues quickly and collaboratively.

Commitment to Drive Results

Most jobs have some repetitive and mundane aspects – for individuals and for the teams they comprise.

Missions don’t change all that often. What we do is what we do. We did it yesterday, we do it today, and we’ll do it tomorrow.

Sure, we try to make improvements … we strive to do our jobs better and faster, but the nature of our work tends to remain the same.

For average teams, that can pose a significant motivation challenge over time. Repetitive tasks can be boring – if you allow them to be.

But great teams rarely make such allowances. 

Members have growth mindsets. For them, routine work is not a problem – it’s their mission … their opportunity to shine.

What is important to them is to drive results.

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