Focus on Results

As a team leader, your first assignment is to get your team to have an honest look at itself.

Help your team make accurate assessments of its actions and structure. Understand that your team is a perfect fit for its current structure and performance of its members.

People preoccupied about their daily businesses become blind to what they’re doing. They fail to correct themselves. They ignore the great potentialities before them.

As a team leader, you must also be able to discover the assets of your team. You make the most of your complementary strengths. Express how what you believe is best for each of your members. And when necessary sell it to them.

Ignorance makes people indifferent. Awareness is the beginning of personal accountability. Encourage your people to acknowledge what they are doing. Help them see who they are. They’ll look for options.

They make things happen.

Jef Menguin

P.S. You can come up with team-building programs that support your business objectives. Competency-based programs are powerful and many managers fail to experience them.

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