Four Ways to Build Team Harmony

Harmony means being able to work together in a positive and supportive manner. Most of us would love to have it in their workplace. The younger generation prioritized it on choosing a job.

With this, it is important that we check if team harmony is present in our team or if its absence is creating a bigger problem.

Here’s how:

1. Check your communication flux.

Do not rely on what’s on the written report or to what is verbally expressed during formal meetings or conversation.

Are your people feel that they are valued? Do they get honest answers to their important queries regarding their work?

Miscommunication kills harmony and when people stop communicating, you cannot expect them to work harmoniously.

2. Be intentional about how you want your team to work!

Focus on how your team relates to each other. Be hands-on on how the team reaches its goal. Know what’s going on first hand!

By doing so, you will earn their respect and be able to create harmony to boost productivity.

3. Learn to agree to disagree.

We work in a diverse environment and we just have to accept that we cannot please everyone. But it doesn’t mean we cannot work well with each other.

Learning how to agree to disagree means working together by respecting differences and working on common goals.

The focus will divert from disagreement to what the whole team agrees about, which is the bring out the result expected to them the best way.

4. Understand that teamwork is a process (not a product).

The benefit of being a human is that we are not finished products. We grow, and so are our teams.

Whatever the current situation of your team you can always expect a positive change from the way they think, speak, or relate with each other.

By applying the first three steps you can expect changes that will make your team more productive and more bonded as a team.

With proper guidance of working together, time will be on our side on harmonizing our team to find meaning in what we do and with whom we are working with.

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