Game-changing Team Building (Part 3)

I talked about why many companies find team building are useless – and why chose to go with the flow: do team building every year and hope something good comes out.

Frankly, it is a lucrative business.

Anyone can google outdoor games and create packages.

We may create “team building packages” which we can send within the first five minutes after we receive each inquiry.

But we don’t do that. And we will not do that.

We are so in-love with our customers that we will never think of taking advantage of their mistakes.

I know also that those who are looking for “team building packages”, who after reading this mini-course opted to stay with same-same ineffective team building, will find thousands of organizers and resorts that offer packages.

Maybe they are not yet ready.

Or they are not really having team building.

They just want to use the budget for team building.

We don’t also work with price-shoppers. Typically, these are training associates tasked to scout 3 team building providers. You can send to them detailed proposals  but they’ll only show their bosses the lowest priced team building providers ( in one-page price table).

They are easy to identify. They ask for quotations — and for your cheapest program. Once a proposal is sent to them, they won’t answer your email or calls. They too can find the cheapest facilitators.

I have heard of some facilitators who offer 800 pesos per hour for 100 participants.  They deserve each other (and I am not hurt!)

Look for highest value if you want your team building to be game-changing.

Those who are looking for outlines or types of games instead of advise for the most appropriate solutions, we give them opportunities to consult us first. Sometimes, they just don’t know what they’re doing – and once shown the opportunities, they decide to do team building the right way.

We pick the best for us.

We have fiduciary duties to our prospective and current clients. We operate based on trust. We build relationships.

We can only give them the best and highest value to build the trust and strengthen the relationship.

We choose to work with 10% of those who found us through the Internet.

We stick with our present clients.

That’s how we work. I think that’s how you should work too.

This mini-course is a filter system.  Those who don’t have time for Game-Changing Team Building will stay at the same-old, same-old comfort zone.

What are my goals for this mini-course?

My goal for this mini-course is to help two kinds of managers.
For managers who intend to hold your first team building initiative, you will

  • Discover the 4 Foundation Building Blocks of Team Building
  • Use the Team Canvas to Visually Demonstrate the DNA of Your Team

For managers who have been sponsoring team building every year, you will

  • Find Out How to Engage Your Teams after Team Building Exercises
  • Use Tools to Assess Your Team Climate & Performance

I will also show both of you

  • The Process of Designing Game-Changing Team Building Experiences
  • How to Work with Professional Team Building Facilitators
  • What Kinds of Games and Activities to Use
  • Why You Need to Debrief Team Building Experiences & the Dangers of Preachy Debriefs

When you have completed this mini-course, I will give you opportunity to try my daily email course for 7 days. 

I will also give you an opportunity request for the  Game-Changing Team Building Workshops that solve the most common team problems.

Why am I doing all of these?

I want you to multiply your results.  I believe that you deserve the best of what your team can do for your organization. 

This means that you can increase your sales, wow your customers, create innovative products, and make a difference in the world when your team works effectively as one.

Game-Changing Team Building is a solution you’ve been looking for. 

When you apply the strategies in designing and delivering game-changing team building, you’ll find all the “team building packages” unnecessary and all your concerns about previous team building programs will become obsolete.

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