Game-Changing Team Building (Part 2)

Many managers were frustrated by the fact that many team building events don’t really work.

I receive team building inquiries every day. Many of those who inquired could not tell us the purposes of their team building.

They were just following orders from managers.

Some of them just want to know the “packages” available so they can submit something to their bosses.

This is why many managers don’t get team building right: they work with vendors, not partners.


If you are one of those managers who have felt that your last team building initiatives failed to deliver your desired results,  I will not blame you. It is not entirely your fault.

Hundreds of resort owners and event organizers market “team building packages” instead “event organization” and facilities.

That marketing strategy works. By marketing “team building packages” many events organizers and resort owners raked tons of money.

Unfortunately, “team building packages” also confused many team members as to what team building is all about.

To these team members, team building means playing games — or listening to a long, boring lecture.

This is why many managers think that “team building”, as many people know it, failed them.

We can fix this.

If you have been concerned in the past about team building facilitators who are clueless about your team — and facilitators who never bothered to understand the culture of your organization and what you intend to really do, I want you to put that to rest.

You can have game-changing team building experiences.

Genuine team building is a game-changing strategy.

Many amateur facilitators put together games like Spider Web, Ropes Courses, Trust Fall, Obstacle Courses, and the like so they can sell them to everyone.

I was like them before.

I too was once an amateur.

You can do team building the right way.

You just need the right person to show you how to design and customize the unique, the best, and the most valuable team building program for you.

One who fits your culture.

One who can help you improve the climate of your organization.

Am I that person?

I don’t know. We can talk to find out.

Speakers want you to believe that you need more information to make a successful team. Game masters tell you that play works.

They are both wrong.

They have their own reasons, of course.

The Five Stages of Team Development and the Characteristics of Effective Teams are nice to know topics. But knowing these won’t improve team performance.

Games may help you create experiences.

Games may create the right dose of emotions you need to move people to action.

Unfortunately, there are many games which are meant to create enemies, start turf wars, and make losers out of your members.

Amateur game masters don’t know this.

Be extra careful.

If you ever thought that team building games are irrelevant and mindless, you’re probably right. I participated in team building programs where we played games that made us feel bad about ourselves.

We are different. We promote fun, friendly, and positive team building.

I will show you the secrets later.

I know that you are here because you are a winner. You want your team to succeed. You want to improve your team’s ability to deliver. You can make this happen.


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