Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin is a sought-after team building facilitator in Manila.

He can work with you to develop high performance and uber productive teams. His approach to Appreciative Team Building will bring out the best in YOU.

Instead of spending your whole day playing games, you’ll have more opportunities for real team building.

Jef Menguin will guide your team to your shared and measurable team results, to identify the crucial knowledge and team skills — and vital behaviors — and to create programs that will sustain the impact of your team building workshops.

You’ll discover the power of experiential and action learning.

You’ll create new team stories. You will be a team player, not just a game player.

Instead of joining just another corporate event, you’ll have the opportunity to experience building team muscles.

Jef Menguin’s approach is holistic. You’ll get the opportunity to align your strengths with the strengths of other team members. You’ll build on what you already have.

Like the more than 30,000 people who were inspired and equipped by Jef Menguin’s inspirational speeches and abled facilitation, you and your team will have positively remarkable experiences.

First, you’ll be safe. No one will embarrass you. You will not join a team building workshop to prove yourself. You join to grow yourself and your relationship with other team members.

Second, you will experience innovation first hand. Jef Menguin’s approach is a bit unconventional. He likes team building to be fun and friendly. Pure collaboration, not just competition.

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