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Team Building Playbook for Leaders will offer you tips, techniques and tools for building your teams.

Here’s a resource for leaders who are giving attention to building their teams.

It is now common to hear reports of teams accomplishing improvements which are 40-70 percent better than similar, more traditional non-team based organizations.

I like to offer you suggestions to common team problems. Although every team situation is unique, I believe that each of these can help you build your team better.

  •  How do you encourage everyone to make a team decision when people strongly disagree with each other?
  • How do you deal with sticky personal issues with a fellow member?
  • What do you do when team meetings seem like a waste of time?
  • How do you handle people who don’t want to be part of the team?
  • What do you do if some members do not implement the team decision?
  • What if the team leader doesn’t walk the talk?
  • How can a team member help without inappropriately dominating the team?

Building a team is not as easy as putting excellent people together. Teams have their own unique challenges.

You need to help your team handle each challenge in order for your team to perform at its best. Help your team steer clear of avoidable problems while working at the same time to develop its strengths.

Team Building Playbook for Leaders will not always be the specific answer to your challenges. Consider each tip, technique, and tool as a suggestion. Only you and your team can decide what is best to do in your unique situation.

Every team has problems. It doesn’t matter what kind of high performance teams you use: self-directed teams or project teams, natural work group teams or temporary cross-functional teams, sales teams or production teams, factory teams, office teams, unionized teams, or management teams. Every team has a problem.

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