Purpose-Driven Teams

Purpose-driven teams thrive. Members commit to their whys. They know how small things contribute to the big picture.

Purpose-driven teams do not just happen. You have to give birth to them.

This virtual workshop will help managers build your purpose-driven teams.

I have worked with many organizations where everyone thought everyone was clear about the purpose of the team. It is seldom you get two team members with the same understanding.


There are six sessions. We can deliver one session each week for a two-hour virtual workshop. In between workshops, participants will have opportunities to work on what they’ll be learning.

Learning Opportunities

There are six topics. You can choose to pick the topics you want for your team. We can work on the topics you want to include so you get a purpose-driven team.

Clarify Team Purpose

  • Publish individual understanding of team purpose
  • Discuss the importance of similar/different understanding of team purpose to a team function.
  • Clarify and align understanding.

Dream Big

  • Explain ambitions for the team
  • Create goals by which the team hold itself accountable

Collaborate to Win

  • Keep eyes on the ball
  • Adjust implementation of a plan to achieve goals
  • Collaborate with others to win

Think Out-of-the-Box

  • Identify “wicked” challenges
  • Brainstorm solutions to team problems
  • Solve team problems together

Improve Performance

  • Listen to others.
  • Find creative solutions together.
  • Promote continuous improvement

Commit to the Team

  • Contribute to team success.
  • Declare Commitment

I provide handouts, worksheets, and handouts. I send these materials days before the conduct of each session.

The Virtual Coach
Jef Menguin is the chief facilitator of Teams that Thrive, the team building group of BITD. He has been conducting team-building programs since 2007.

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