Team Building Approach (Part 1 of 5)

Understand & Discover

This stage involves short interviews of the various stakeholders in your organization.

You are the experts as to how your team works today and what you intend to do in the future.

You may start with your strategic objectives and your expectations for the team. You may also share with us your competency model for your team.

Tell us the changes you want to happen after the team building experiences and how you intend to measure your success.

You can be more specific, of course. For example, you may tell us that you want your sales team to increase revenue by 50 percent in six months. or if you want to improve communication, you can give us specific behaviors that demonstrate improved communication.

This way, we can truly be your learning partner.

We will listen to you. Our role is capture your corporate wisdom. We believe that the changes you want to see are already within your organization.

We look for those who are already practicing the team behaviors you desire for everyone of your employee. We call this positive deviance.

We use various discovery tools to help you bring out the genius of your teams. Examples of these tools are:

  • SOAR Sheets
  • UniqueAbility Session
  • Lightning Talks
  • Journey Mapping
  • Team member interviews
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Success Metrics

The discovery methods and tools that we’ll be using will be determined by your availability and purposes.

Many training providers don’t do this because they have canned programs which they sell to every company.

Many of them you’ll see only during your team building day. Something akin to a field trip or a visit to Disneyland. At other times, you can compare some of these team building programs to military camps where you are the new recruits.

Trial and error is the worst team building strategy.

Team building experiences, when done the right way, must explore the opportunities and strengths of your team.

So, if you are serious about results and having a positive impact to each member of your teams, you must see to it that you prepare yourself for success.

This service is unique to our organization.

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