Team Building Approach (Part 2 of 5)

Brainstorm Solutions

During this page, we generate, curate, and capture solutions to your team challenges. As your learning partner, we actively look for solutions to your problems.

We don’t believe that there is one single solution. There are many solutions. Some are easy. Some are difficult. Some solutions get 10x impact when combined.

Some solutions can be tried even before the team building workshops. Some solutions can be mastered during the workshops. And other solutions, especially those which will engage your members to practice new behaviors can be used after the workshop.

Many training providers will provide you packages or ready-made solutions. In truth, they are selling to you the use of facilities and game mastering. You’ll be paying for expensive parlor games.

Instead, use your team building workshop to deliberately practice the solutions we shall be able to identify after this stage.

This is important: We can get your team members involved in brainstorming solutions for your existing team challenges. We can provide you some easy-to-use paper and pencil tools or invite your team to share their thoughts in your website. We can set-up a private page for your group.

We found out that when team members are involved in the design of the program, there is an increased of sense of ownership and new behaviors are quickly applied.

Having served many organizations, we can also consider other organizations with comparable problems. Our team love it when we are given the chance to innovate and find the best solution for your challenges.

We’ll present these many solutions to you. Then, we’ll pick the best.

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