Team Building Approach (Part 4 of 5)

Design & Develop

Now that you have decided on the better team building solutions, we will design the experiences for you.

We start our design by mapping out the experience of the learners.

We don’t just write outlines. Outlines are for lecturers and trainers.

Learning is experienced. Learning experience designers are storytellers. And the heroes in our stories are the members of your teams. Consider us as supporting actors and mentors. But you, you are the heroes in every team building session.

To come up with excellent designs, we use storyboards. We identify the roles we play. We consider the flow of energy in every session. And we write stories with happy endings. Every hero is transformed into a better person, a better team player.

Let me point out why doing this is important.

In many team building activities that we have observed in the Philippines, the focus of some facilitators is in how games are played. They see themselves as referees and judges of games. What’s important to them is that there is one winner –(and forget that  all the others are deemed losers). To them, playing games is team building.

Of course, there are facilitators who focus on themselves. They are the source of all knowledge. They come to educate and save you. Lecture is team building.

I will not say that these are wrong ways. But I don’t want to be a participant in these kind of team building. These lectures and exercises are usually ineffective in developing team skills.

In the workplace, every one has a story. And we create stories every day.

We map out stories. And you make the adventure. So we can change the stories and get rid of unnecessary workplace dramas.

Only then we will develop tools and materials you’ll need.

We only create what you need. And we provide you opportunities to continue your stories in the workplace using tools and job aids we may provide you.

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