Team Building Approach (Part 5 of 5)


The Delivery Phase may begins during the pre-workshop activities and may extend to follow-through sessions that may include coaching and mentoring. Everything depends on the extent of partnership you want from us.

Our workshops are interactive and fun. We use games to help people get engaged to learning. And there are many ways to learning from the workshops and after. Here are some examples.

1. Learn from experience. During our workshops, enjoy our training games and experiential activities.

2. Learn through observation. Call it vicarious experiences. You can learn by giving attention to what others are doing.

3. Learn through interactive lectures. Short lectures help you learn new knowledge and skills faster.

Sometimes, I use group contest for these short lectures.

Imagine yourself winning and learning. It must be real fun.

4. Learn through reading materials. Adult learners are capable of learning. And believe me, you can read faster than me talking.

When learners read intentionally, they get to learn 10x faster.

5. Try and apply the techniques. The beauty of my workshops is that you don’t have to wait for the “right time” to apply the techniques shared during the workshop.

You get to apply them during the workshops – and get instant feedback.

6. Learn by doing. You discover deeper learning by doing. The workshop approach is activity-based learning.

7. Learn by reflecting. I use creative debriefing techniques. Debriefing helps you reflect on your experiences, gain valuable insights, and validate your learning.

8. Learn from each other. We are social beings. We learn better when we learn together. This is why I used lots of group activities and collaborative learning activities.

9. Learn from my website. You will find more than hundreds of new growth ideas in my website. And the high-value content is growing daily.

10. Learn something every week. You may subscribe to my newsletter. You may also get updates through email lessons.

11. Learn something from your peers. Learning happens even after each workshop. You can go to my forums and join the learning community.

12. Learn something from your mentors. In every workplace, there are mentors. During the workshops, you’ll know where and how to find your mentors.

13. Learn something from your organization’s follow-through. My workshops are based on measurable goals. Believe me, your organization is truly involved. They have great plans for you after the workshops.

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