Team Building Facilitation

Team Building & Facilitation

To stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing global economy, teams must work productively and effectively communicate.

Success demands building common ground and mobilizing energy for change.

Potentials works with teams to develop mutuality and problem solving, leveraging the diverse strengths of team members to create multidimensional solutions to business challenges.

A team building initiative may include:

Defining team purpose and vision
Clarifying roles and responsibilities
Developing team processes and procedures
Addressing communication issues
Understanding team dynamics and development
Implementing communication strategies
Developing decision making and problem solving skills
Potentials has extensive experience working with multicultural teams at all levels in for-profit and non-profit organizations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

A skilled facilitator and influencer can be an invaluable support to a group, greatly impacting its overall effectiveness and productivity. We have had great success in supporting team members to have open-minded conversations. Productive team members give empathy and understanding to other perspectives and identify concrete agreements to support goals. A successful team that can tap into the synergistic energy and talents of its members has no limits to what it can accomplish. Unfortunately, too often teams are disappointed with the experience of working together and their results. An experienced facilitator and team coach becomes a partner in the group process, focusing on the balance of task and process to maximize outcomes.

A skilled facilitator and team coach provides perspective and enables all individuals in the group to fully participate. Some of the specific components of the facilitator role include intervening to help the group:

establish clarity about direction, roles and processes
work through unresolved conflicts that cause barriers to reaching goals
build common ground and mobilize energy for change
appreciate the different perspectives of individuals and groups
establish an appropriate method for making group decisions
improve the way of identifying and solving challenges
understand group dynamics and team development
experience working together, understanding that through effective collective action their reach can be expanded
Each facilitation process is designed to support the unique dynamics and goals of teams. Creative techniques and processes that have proven successful over time and around the world will be used.

We have successfully facilitated executive, project and cross functional teams and large group processes, bringing together major stakeholders for a dialogue to explore multiple perspectives and develop a shared vision

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