Team Building Speaker

Filipino professionals in many companies today see the value of working in teams. The work of organizations have become increasingly complex and fast paced.

Teamwork is an innovation no company can ignore.

Filipino organizations have to reinvent the way they enable and engage teams to meet the demands of rapidly changing global environment.

Productivity, quality, and customer experiences have improved in those organizations that have begun to use team engagement practices. And building teams have been crucial to many of these successful change efforts.

Unfortunately, too few people in the workplace really understand how to build a team. Many managers don’t know how to put into action the knowledge, experience, and talents of its people.

They conduct team building exercises without understanding.

Some think that team building is about “getting along” and building camaraderie. Kumbaya-style camaraderie may help team members get along. But it doesn’t really improve team relationship. It does not build cohesive team either.

Others go to the extreme. They do BS (bull sessions) to force everyone to get real. They end up having teams members who believe that the “team building” is one day of pretending that you’re okay.

For most Filipinos, the phrase ‘team building” conjures up the images of trust falls, toilet paper tear-offs, high-ropes-course, obstacle courses, amazing races, treasure hunts and other challenges that are supposed to build teams.

Team building exercises, when done right, may help you build teams. But purchasing team building packages just to play games is wasting money. In the hands of amateur team building speaker or facilitator, your team building event are most likely go ugly.

The purposes of team building go beyond feeling good, getting along, and playing games.

As a team building speaker, my aim is give you solid advice that will help your teams to actually work together and reap the benefits that come with it.

Whatever you do in your team building, you must include in your purpose the reason why your company is investing huge amounts of money. Team building is about equipping and enabling your teams so you can perform at your best. Team building is about helping your teams work together so you can get your job done better.

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