Team Building Venues in the Philippines

Why pick the right team building venue?

The best team building venues in the Philippines aren’t those with amazing “ team building packages” but those which when used support the purposes of your team building initiatives and create remarkable experiences for your team. 

Actually, team building packages are simply like tour packages offered to those who want to play games while in the venue.

The purposes of your team do not really matter to them. Because even though some of these venues have resident team building facilitators, what they’ll really do is the same for everyone: game masters.

You will have fun. You will be tired. You will go home with a memory of playing “team building games” with co-workers. You are hoping that team building really happened. Well, sometimes, you’ll see an improvement in the relationship.

But the mere fact that you are just hoping for positive results tells us that we are not using team building as a solution to team challenges.

In truth, the real uses of the venues are not the “team building packages”. Professional team building facilitators can design the learning environment you need.

Of course, it is best if the venue has facilities for team games. Better if they also consult team building facilitators!

But you are old enough to know this.  You can make your team building an opportunity for team learning. If you want how to facilitate team building, you can go here. You can also read the benefits of team building. You can learn from our process of designing team building experiences.

I am creating a checklist for picking the right team building venue. If you want to get a copy, send me an email:


I created this page for those who are searching for team building venues in the Philippines. My intention is to put them in one place. 

I sent an email to venues of what they could offer to you. Those who are on this list are only those who cared enough to send their answers. 

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